Real-time visual planning app for Professional Services

Teambook helps you book the right resources to the right projects, at the right time. It shows the big picture so everyone knows what’s going on wherever, whenever. Deploy your resources based on skills, interests, experience, geography and availability and gain time so you can focus on your business.


Optimize your Planning

Track resource utilization, increase profitability and make smarter decisions by getting a global overview of your team’s capacity.
With Teambook you can manage billable projects, internal initiatives and time-off – all in one place.
Your schedule, simplified.

Book Effortlessly

Book your resources in the blink of an eye with Teambook’s visual and clever calendar. Manage clients, projects and team members in one simple tool, save time by easily rescheduling your bookings using drag-n-drop.
Manage multiple business units and book resources to projects individually or in bulk. Last but not least, track any project budget and respond better to demand so your clients are happier than ever.
Headache free!

Spread the word

Keep your team and customers in the loop. Your team is notified by e-mail when changes arise so everyone knows where projects stand, wherever, whenever.
Teambook also offers a practical iCal link that syncs with most calendars – you don’t have to give anything up.
Let’s not forget your clients, who can access their project’s schedule with a dedicated secure link so they can also know what’s going on.
Everyone wins with Teambook!

Ready? Set? Schedule!

Set up in seconds – no installation or training required. It’s that easy! Of course, we are always available if you were to have any questions.
Sign up for a FREE 14-day trial and start using Teambook in seconds!

What they say about us

Simon Farine

UI Expert / :ratio

“Teambook makes it super easy to sync with my calendar and helps me organise my week better.”

Daniela Fowkes

Professional Services / Aspediens

“I like Teambook; it’s quick, intuitive and easy to use. Their design makes team scheduling easier and allows me to focus on business rather than updating spreadsheets. The biggest benefit I’ve noticed is without a doubt our teams’ productivity increase. ”